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Notis Global
Vape Holdings VAPE

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List of U.S. Based Marijuana Stocks

U.S. based marijuana companies

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Cannabis Stocks Rating Chart
5-STAR STOCKS pot stock rating chart

ACAN daily stock chart
AmeriCann ACAN
ACAN AmeriCann
3 YEAR HIGH: $6.00
AERO daily stock chart
Aerogrow AERO
AERO Aerogrow
3 YEAR HIGH: $10.45
AGTK daily stock chart
Agritek AGTK
AGTK Agritek
3 YEAR HIGH: $0.53
AMMJ daily stock chart
American Cannabis AMMJ
AMMJ American Cannabis
3 YEAR HIGH: $1.50
AXIM daily stock chart
AXIM Biotech
AXIM Axim Biotech
(below current price)
BTFL daily stock chart
Monarch America BTFL
BTFL Monarch America
3 YEAR HIGH: $0.50
BUDZ daily stock chart
Weed, Inc. BUDZ
BUDZ Weed, Inc.
(below current price)
CANL daily stock chart
CannLabs CANL
CANL CannLabs
3 YEAR HIGH: $2.22
CANN daily stock chart
General Cannabis CANN
CANN General Cannabis
3 YEAR HIGH: $64
CARA daily stock chart
Cara Therapeutics CARA
CARA Cara Therapeutics
3 YEAR HIGH: $23.61
CBDS daily stock chart
Cannabis Sativa CBDS
CBDS Cannabis Sativa
3 YEAR HIGH: $17
CBIS daily stock chart
Cannabis Sativa CBIS
CBIS Cannabis Science
3 YEAR HIGH: $0.30
CGRW daily stock chart
CannaGrow CGRW
CGRW CannaGrow
(below current price)
CNAB daily stock chart
United Cannabis CNAB
CNAB United Cannabis
3 YEAR HIGH: $11
CNBX daily stock chart
Cannibics Pharm CNBX
CNBX Cannibics Pharm
3 YEAR HIGH: $1.09
CVSI daily stock chart
CV Sciences, Inc CVSI
CVSI CV Sciences
(formerly CANV CannaVest)
3 YEAR HIGH: $200
DIGP daily stock chart
DigiPath DIGP
DIGP DigiPath
3 YEAR HIGH: $17.50
EDXC daily stock chart
Endexx Corp EDXC
EDXC Endexx Corp
3 YEAR HIGH: $0.36
ERBB daily stock chart
American Green ERBB
ERBB American Green
3 YEAR HIGH: $0.09
ETST daily stock chart
Earth Science Tech ETST
ETST Earth Science Tech
3 YEAR HIGH: $3.98
GBLX daily stock chart
GrowBlox GBLX
GBLX GrowBlox
3 YEAR HIGH: $8.90
GRCU daily stock chart
Green Cures GRCU
GRCU Green Cures
3 YEAR HIGH: $6.37
GRNH daily stock chart
Greengro Tech GRNH
GRNH Greengro Tech
3 YEAR HIGH: $0.80
GRSO daily stock chart
Grow Solutions Holdings GRSO
GRSO Grow Solutions
3 YEAR HIGH: $5.00
GRWC daily stock chart
Grow Condos GRWC
GRWC Grow Condos
3 YEAR HIGH: $25
GWPH daily stock chart
(below current price)
HEMP daily stock chart
Hemp, Inc.
HEMP Hemp, Inc
3 YEAR HIGH: $3.40
HMPQ daily stock chart
HempAmericana HMPQ
HMPQ HempAmericana
3 YEAR HIGH: $0.30
ICBU daily stock chart
3 YEAR HIGH: $0.214
IGPK daily stock chart
Integrated Cannabis IGPK
IGPK Integrated Cannabis
3 YEAR HIGH: $0.81
INSY daily stock chart
Insys INSY
INSY Insys
3 YEAR HIGH: $45.90
INCC daily stock chart
International Consolidated Companies INCC
INCC Intl Consolidated Co's
3 YEAR HIGH: $0.219
INQD daily stock chart
Indoor Harvest INQD
INQD Indoor Harvest
3 YEAR HIGH: $1.50
KSHB daily stock chart
Kush Bottles KSHB
KSHB Kush Bottles
(below current price)
MCIG daily stock chart
M-cig MCIG
MCIG M-cig
3 YEAR HIGH: $0.90
Agritek AGTK

The Mary Jane Group MJMJ

Surna SRNA

"This is the vote heard round the world," said Arcview's chief executive, Troy Dayton. "What we've seen before has been tiny compared to what we are going to see in California."

MJ Index: 20 U.S. based marijuana stocks

MJ Index: 20 U.S. based marijuana stocks

4-STAR STOCKS Cannabis Stocks

Cannabis Stocks Rating Chart
5-STAR STOCKS Cannabis Stocks


MCOA daily stock chart
Marijuana Company of America MCOA
MCOA Marijuana America
3 YEAR HIGH: $0.034
MDCL daily stock chart
Medicine Man Technologies MDCL
MDCL Medicine Man Techn
(below current price)
MJMJ daily stock chart
The MaryJane Group MJMJ
MJMJ The MaryJane Group
3 YEAR HIGH: $12
MJNA daily stock chart
Medical Marijuana MJNA
MJNA Medical Marijuana
3 YEAR HIGH: $0.48
MJTK daily stock chart
CannaSys MJTK
MJTK CannaSys
3 YEAR HIGH: $0.31
MNTR daily stock chart
Mentor Capital MNTR
MNTR Mentor Capital
3 YEAR HIGH: $8.99
MSRT daily stock chart
Massroots MSRT
MSRT Massroots
MYHI daily stock chart
Mountain High MYHI
MYHI Mountain High
3 YEAR HIGH: $15
NDEV daily stock chart
Novus NDEV
NDEV Novus
3 YEAR HIGH: $0.445
NGBL daily stock chart
Medbox Notis Global NGBL
NGBL Notis Global
3 YEAR HIGH: $93.50
NMUS daily stock chart
Nemus Bio NMUS
NMUS Nemus Bio
3 YEAR HIGH: $11
NTRR daily stock chart
Neutra NTRR
NTRR Neutra
3 YEAR HIGH: $50
OXIS daily stock chart
Oxis International OXIS
OXIS Oxis Intl
3 YEAR HIGH: $17.50
PHOT daily stock chart
GrowLife PHOT
PHOT GrowLife
3 YEAR HIGH: $0.80
PKPH daily stock chart
Peak Pharm PKPH
PKPH Peak Pharm
3 YEAR HIGH: $3.33
PMCB daily stock chart
Pharmacyte PMCB
PMCB Pharmacyte
3 YEAR HIGH: $0.62
POTN daily stock chart
Potnetwork POTN
POTN Potnetwork
3 YEAR HIGH: $14.60
PRRE daily stock chart
Praetorian Property PRRE
PRRE Praetorian Property
3 YEAR HIGH: $2.40
PZOO daily stock chart
Pazoo PZOO
PZOO Pazoo
3 YEAR HIGH: $6.50
REFG daily stock chart
Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions REFG
REFG Med Cann Pymt
3 YEAR HIGH: $0.47
RMHB daily stock chart
Rocky Mountain High Brands RMHB
RMHB Rocky Mtn High
3 YEAR HIGH: $0.32
SGBY daily stock chart
Signal Bay, Inc SGBY
SGBY Signal Bay
(below current price)
SIPC daily stock chart
Sipp Industries SIPC
SIPC Sipp Industry
3 YEAR HIGH: $0.0282
SRNA daily stock chart
Surna SRNA
SRNA Surna
3 YEAR HIGH: $8.75
STEV daily stock chart
Stevia STEV
STEV Stevia
3 YEAR HIGH: $0.32
TRTC daily stock chart
Terra Tech TRTC
TRTC Terra Tech
3 YEAR HIGH: $1.42
USMJ daily stock chart
North American Cannabis USMJ
USMJ N. American Cann
3 YEAR HIGH: $0.93
VAPE daily stock chart
Vape Holdings VAPE
VAPE Vape Holdings
3 YEAR HIGH: $37
VAPI daily stock chart
Vapir VAPI
VAPI Vapir
3 YEAR HIGH: $0.65
VGPR daily stock chart
Vega Biofuels VGPR
VGPR Vega Biofuels
3 YEAR HIGH: $2,500
VPOR daily stock chart
Vapor Group VPOR
VPOR Vapor Group
3 YEAR HIGH: $0.75
VRCI daily stock chart
Verde Science VRCI
VRCI Verde Science
3 YEAR HIGH: $45
XXII daily stock chart
22nd Century Group XXII
XXII 22nd Century
3 YEAR HIGH: $6.36
ZDPY daily stock chart
Zoned Properties ZDPY
ZDPY Zoned Properties
3 YEAR HIGH: $3,372
ZYNE daily stock chart
Zynerba Pharm ZYNE
ZYNE Zynerba Pharm
3 YEAR HIGH: $43
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"If we're successful, it's the beginning of the end of the war on marijuana," said Gavin Newsom, the lieutenant governor of California and a former mayor of San Francisco.

4-STAR STOCKS pot stock chart

Cannabis Stocks Rating Chart
5-STAR STOCKS Cannabis Stocks

marijuana stocks

List of Canadian Marijuana Stocks

Canada marijuana stocks


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Vape Holdings VAPE
Zoned Properties ZDPY

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