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Former Coke Exec Aims to Mass Market Cannabis Nationwide

The veteran Coca-Cola executive behind upstart Chemesis (CADMF) aims to do for cannabis what Starbucks did for coffee!

·     BDS Analytics estimates sales will grow from $20 billion in 2020 to $45 billion by 2024.

·      “Cannabis company stocks are skyrocketing” – New York Post, May 20, 2020[1]


By Greg Miller


Dear Fellow Investor,

After a lackluster 2019, cannabis stocks have come roaring back to life in 2020.

Aurora Cannabis (ACB) shares shot up 210.7%[2] in five days in mid-May on news of stronger-than-expected sales due to Covid-19.

Other examples of recent gainers include :

  • Trulieve (TCNNF), up 154.8%[3] since March 18, 2020
  • Cresco Labs (CRLBF), up 166.1%[4] in the same period
  • Green Thumb (GTBIF), up 152.7%[5]
  • Curaleaf (CURLF), up 164.7%[6],
  • Canopy Growth Corporation (CGC), up 86.5%[7] ;
  • Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings (CRBP), up 69.7%[8] and
  • Tilray (TLRY), up a whopping 217.4%[9].

Yet the cannabis stock that has me and many other experienced cannabis investors most excited is Chemesis International (CADMF) – the one cannabis company that has a realistic shot at bringing quality cannabis products to the masses.

Chemesis (CADMF) is one of the largest cannabis operators in Puerto Rico is preparing to have the capacity to produce 30,000 pounds of high-quality cannabis per year.

Now headed by vending executive Josh Rosenberg, an 18-year veteran of the Coca-Cola Company, Chemesis International (CADMF) is aiming to do for the cannabis market what Starbucks did for coffee, Coke did for soft drinks and Redbox did for DVDs.

These signature American companies are all about branding and mass distribution – taking simple products (coffee, soft drinks and DVDs) and making sure they can be easily purchased in every convenience store, fast food restaurant and gas station in America.

And that’s what Josh Rosenberg is doing with Chemesis International (CADMF)!

He’s setting out to create the number one cannabis brand in America – one state and territory at a time — and making sure its products are available virtually everywhere.  Just as Starbucks perfected its branding in Seattle and then went on to capture 40% of the $47.5 billion[10] U.S. coffee shop market, so, too, Chemesis (CADMF) wants to refine its cannabis branding in Puerto Rico and then capture a huge chunk of North America’s rapidly expanding cannabis market.

According to new projections by the market research firm BDS Analytics, sales of all cannabis products will likely DOUBLE just in the U.S. in the next four years alone, from $20 billion in 2020 to $45 billion by 2024.[11]

And Chemesis (CADMF) plans on being the first moving in a nationally recognized brand – just like Starbucks is for coffee!

There are dozens of undervalued cannabis stocks out there right now,  yet I believe that Chemesis (CADMF) is the best of the bunch for those seeking a high return.


How This Cannabis Company Navigates Regulatory Headaches When Others Can’t

The potential for profits may be staggering, but few companies are equipped to deal with the regulatory headaches surrounding cannabis. Chemesis has found a way around this by controlling its entire supply chain… from growing its own plants to manufacturing edibles to distributing products in their own licensed-to-sell stores. Thus allowing them to succeed where others can’t – by guaranteeing legal distribution and controlling costs from cultivation to sale for immense profits!

See more about how Chemesis beats out competition in the pot market HERE

Demand for Cannabis Products Continues to Soar in the Wake of Covid-19

Hello.  My name is Greg Miller.

I’m a former Wall Street investment adviser and the co-founder of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors.

Since quitting Wall Street, I’ve made it my mission to bring institutional-quality investment research to the cannabis industry.

I’ve also been in the trenches as cannabis investing EXPLODED after 2017, helping ordinary people double their money on plays like Charlotte’s Web (CWBHF), Cresco Labs (CRLBF) and Innovative Industrial Properties (IIPR), to name just a few.

And here’s what you need to know:  The U.S. cannabis market is making a comeback! Cannabis stocks took a beating in 2019, especially the large growers.For that reason, some investors wrongly assumed that demand for cannabis products has also declined.

Yet nothing could be further from the truth.

In reality, demand for cannabis has actually increased, especially since the Covid-19 crisis.

“Since the advent of the Covid-19 crisis, demand for cannabis products has increased by up to 30 percent[12],” Chemesis (CADMF) CEO Rosenberg explained in a recent interview.

“The problem with the cannabis industry has never been the demand.”

“It’s been the lack of professionally managed companies that can give consumers what they want — when and where they want it.”

That’s why I believe cannabis investors should pay close attention to what Chemesis (CADMF) is doing.

It’s another one of those under-the-radar cannabis opportunities that could make you a serious amount of money.

Yet Despite Huge Demand, There Are Few Places to Buy Legal Cannabis

Despite increasing demand for cannabis generally, supplies of retail products remain sharply limited.

One reason is lack of distribution.

Although cannabis is legal for recreational use in 14 states and for medical use in 33, there are relatively few retail establishments where cannabis products can be easily and legally purchased.

That’s why a company like Chemesis (CADMF) – which wants to put its branded, high-quality cannabis products in stores across America – could transform the entire cannabis industry!

By following the Starbucks model of distinctive branding and mass distribution, Chemesis (CADMF) could become “the” retail outlet for the purchase of cannabis products.

The potential is simply staggering.

By one estimate, there are still only 2,000[13] fully licensed cannabis dispensaries in the entire United States.

High Times Magazine estimates that in some states where cannabis is legal, such as Massachusetts, there are only 19 legal venues.[14]

By comparison, there are currently…

… 27,000 Subway locations in the U.S….

… 13,172[15] Starbucks…

… 14,400 McDonalds…

… 11,366 Dunkin Donuts… and

… 7,800 7-11 stores.[16]

That’s why I believe Chemesis (CADMF) could be a game-changing company for the cannabis industry!

It’s in the process of perfecting hugely-profitable cannabis retail outlets with the same high-quality and brand-recognition as Starbucks – like its Natural Ventures stores in Puerto Rico.

Once it finalizes its prototype in Puerto Rico, Chemesis (CADMF) plans to open additional dispensaries in states where it currently holds licenses, such as California.

And then, all bets are off!

Investing in Chemesis (CADMF) could be like investing in Starbucks in the early 1990s.


Cannabis Company Testing CBD Vending Machine in America’s Busiest Airport

In a move that may earn them the title of “The Redbox of CBD,” Chemesis is currently testing a state-of-the-art, age-verifying, self-service CBD vending kiosk at the 300,000-travelers-per-day Atlanta Airport. If all goes well, consumers could shortly see these machines in every airport and convenience store in the country… and investors could see major profits overnight!

Learn more about Chemesis’s innovative CBD vending machines HERE

Early Investors in Starbucks Made 275 Times Their Money!

The similarity to Starbucks is not an exaggeration.

Back in the 1992, Starbucks went public with its initial public offering (IPO) at $17 per share.

Adjusted for stock splits and dividend income, that is the equivalent of just $0.28[17]  per share today.

Now Starbucks trades at around $77[18] per share – or more than 275[19] times its adjusted IPO price.

Early investors who took a $5,000 flyer on Starbucks saw their money grow into $1.4 million[20] today.

And as a mid-tier cannabis retailer, Chemesis (CADMF) shares are in the “sweet spot” of between $0.50 and $2.00 per share .

At this price, investors can buy 1,000… 5,000… even 10,000 shares at a time – with life-changing potential profits.

Huge Demand for Edible Cannabis But Not Enough Manufacturers

And what is true of cannabis retail outlets is also true of cannabis products.

The truth is, there are few national companies producing the cannabis edibles, beverages and topical creams that consumers crave!

Despite the staggering potential profits, the regulatory headaches for consumable products are immense.

This, too, has created a HUGE opportunity for a well-managed “seed to sale” company like Chemesis (CADMF)!

Like Starbucks[21], Chemesis (CADMF) controls its entire supply chain.  For Chemesis (CADMF), this means growing its own plants and extracting the healing oil to manufacturing edibles and distributing them in its own licensed stores.

For example, Chemesis (CADMF)’s line of Green Spirit edibles, produced by its subsidiary Natural Ventures, are found at most major cannabis retailers in Puerto Rico.

Plus, the company has recently signed $6 million in purchase agreements to supply dispensaries in Puerto Rico with its various cannabis products.

Just as Starbucks maintains strict quality control over its coffee bean suppliers,[22] so, too, Chemesis (CADMF) has been able to produce the highest quality products at the lowest prices by acquiring and maintaining its own grow operations and manufacturing its own products.

It has 7,000 acres in total outdoor grow capacity, three manufacturing and cannabis oil extraction facilities, two large-scale packing and distribution centers, and ten active retail locations with three prequalified dispensaries.

And through its wholly owned subsidiary, Natural Ventures PR LLC, Chemesis (CADMF)  markets an impressive catalogue of both THC and CDB products through a chain of licensed retail stores.

Chemesis’s ownership of all aspects of its business – what management gurus call “vertical integration” – thus gives it a huge advantage[23] over other mid-tier cannabis companies seeking to dominate the national cannabis market.

Chemesis (CADMF) Gears Up to DominateExploding $20 Billion CBD Market!

Chemesis (CADMF) distributes and sells both of the two basic types of cannabis products:

  1. those with high concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound that produces the “high” sensation traditionally associated with cannabis; and
  2. those containing primarily cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive compound that has many of the same health[24] benefits of THC products but without any intoxication.

For years, investors assumed that the primary market for cannabis lay in the THC side of the business.

Yet a new report from BDS Analytics and Arcview Market Research reveals that sales of CBD products alone will exceed $20 billion[25] in the United States by 2024.

“We’re witnessing CBD maturing from a cannabis sub-category into a full-blown industry of its own,” said Roy Bingham, Co-Founder and CEO of BDS Analytics. “Our growth forecast for the CBD market, across all distribution channels, predicts a compound annual growth rate of 49 percent by 2024.”[26]

Once again, Chemesis (CADMF) aims to be at the forefront of the rapidly expanding CBD market as regulatory changes will make CBD products available on the shelves of general retailers across the nation.

“The public wants high-quality cannabis products, both THC and CBD, and they want them in easy-to-access locations for a fair price,” Rosenberg said.  “A company that can provide that will be able to write its own ticket.”

The “Redbox of CBD”Already in Development

As a first step, Chemesis (CADMF) is already an early pioneer in bringing its top-quality, branded CBD products to the exploding “unattended retail” industry, itself estimated to be worth $25 billion[27] in the U.S. alone.

The company is currently testing a state-of-the-art, age-verifying, self-service CBD vending kiosk in Terminal B of the Atlanta Airport.

And if all goes well, beginning in 2021, the company plans to install 10-15 CBD kiosks per month throughout commercial airports in the United States.

Convenience store locations, gyms and yoga studios would soon follow.

And make no mistake:  A company that can put high-quality CBD products in easily accessible locations all across the United States should be on any investor’s radar.

For example, there are currently more than 41,000[28] Redbox kiosks operational in the United States.

If Chemesis (CADMF) can place only 1% as many CBD machines nationwide, each producing $3,000 a month[29] in sales, that would represent $1.2 million[30] in monthly sales just from CBD vending alone!

That’s another reason why Chemesis (CADMF) could turn out to be one of the biggest cannabis-related plays of 2020…

Uniquely Qualified to Dominate the Retail Cannabis Market

To top it off, Chemesis CEO Josh Rosenberg may be the only man in America with the training and hands-on experience to create a “Starbucks” (national retail brand) and “Redbox” (CBD vending) model for the cannabis industry.

After 18 years at Coca-Cola that led to his heading up Coke’s “alternate route to market” distribution network, in 2013 Rosenberg took over as CEO of Accent Food Services, a leading vending and unattended retail company.

Rosenberg was brought in to take a small, regional company and, with strategic acquisitions and the revamping its distribution network, grew its sales 400%.

In just a matter of months, Rosenberg grew Accent from $38 million[31] in sales to $155 million– winning Person of the Year in 2016[32] from the National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA).

And just when the cannabis market is seeing record sales, Rosenberg is determined to do with cannabis what he did with nutritional products.

“Cannabis consumers want the same kind of high-quality, standardized products that companies like Starbucks and The Coffee Bean brought to the coffee industry,” Rosenberg explained.

This is huge.  When it comes to cannabis, consumers want and expect a consistent experience every time – and this is what Chemesis (CADMF), with its standardized high-quality products, aims to provide.

That’s why I see Chemesis (CADMF) as a ground-floor opportunity like Starbucks.


Company’s “Seed to Store” Approach Meets Growing Demand for Legal Cannabis 

Cannabis may be legal for recreational use in 14 states and medical use in 33, yet the retail establishments where consumers can easily and legally buy products are still limited. Chemesis wants to change this.

With the capacity to produce 30,000 pounds of high-quality cannabis per year and 90 kilos of cannabis oil per DAY, Chemesis may be the only company that can bring branded, high-quality cannabis products to the American public  – cashing in on the soaring demand expected to create a $45 billion market by 2024!

Learn how you can cash in on this soaring demand yourself HERE

Mergers Will Likely Drive Chemesis (CADMF) Shares Higher!

Right now, Chemesis (CADMF) is like a stealth fighter flying below Wall Street’s radar screen, ready to jet upwards.

Yet once Wall Street gets wind of mergers between this company and the other major players in the cannabis market, the stock could take off like a proverbial rocket.

Chemesis (CADMF) has already completed a number of recent acquisitions that could multiply its gross sales many fold.

In fact, Chemesis (CADMF) is going to spin off one of those acquisitions into its own independent company.  It has development licenses for CBD in one of the world’s lowest-cost growing regions, Colombia.  If you own Chemesis (CADMF) shares before this transaction takes place, you’ll get “free” shares in a company operating in the future of medical cannabis – Latin America!

According to the market research firm Prohibition Partners, the legal Latin American cannabis industry is on track to grow from $125 million in 2020 to a staggering $12.7 billion by 2028 – an increase of 10,060%.[33]

At the moment, the Chemesis (CADMF) is trading below $1 per share – but that likely won’t be for long.

Once word gets out about its plan to mass market cannabis products to the general public – to do for quality cannabis products what Starbucks did for coffee – I expect the big money will move in.

That’s why the time to buy Chemesis (CADMF) is NOW… before Wall Street finds out about it.

No guarantees, but I believe Chemesis (CADMF) could well turn out to be the next big cannabis blockbuster – the way Cronos Group (CRON) went from 90-cents a share in October 2016 to $21 in 2019, turning every $5,000 invested into $116,666.

To learn more about Chemesis (CADMF) International, visit their website here

Top 9 Reasons Chemesis (CADMF) Could Be the Next Big Cannabis Play!

  1. Pot Stocks Are Skyrocketing Again Post-Covid.    And as more people discover it, Chemesis (CADMF) is sure to as well.

  2. Sales of Cannabis Products on Track to DOUBLE in 4 Years.   BDS Analytics estimates sales will grow from $20 billion in 2020 to $45 billion by 2024.
  3. Regulated Supply and Suppliers.  There are few cannabis companies that are publicly traded, most are bloated, over-capitalized companies and failing miserably due to mismanagement. This creates an enormous opportunity for a “seed to sale” cannabis company like Chemesis (CADMF) with strong leadership and a clear focus to dominate.

  4. Name Brand Products.  Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Natural Ventures, Chemesis (CADMF)  produces and distributes a complete catalogue of both THC and CBD products, including edibles, beverages, and topical creams.  

  5. It’s Already Dominating Its Market.  Chemesis (CADMF) is already the one of the largest seed-to-consumer cannabis operator in Puerto Rico, bringing the standardization and quality control of a company like Starbucks to the cannabis market.  

  6. Corporate Quality Control.  Chemesis (CADMF)  is a fully-integrated, professionally run company that, like Starbucks, controls all aspects of its business, including growing its own raw material, manufacturing its own products, creating its own branding, and operating its own distribution channels.   This will allow it to do for the cannabis what Starbucks did for brewed coffee and Redbox did for DVDs.

  7. CBD Vending Machine First Mover.   Chemesis (CADMF) is a first-mover in bringing top-quality CBD products to the exploding “unattended retail” industry, estimated to be worth $25 billion in the U.S. alone.
  8. Headed by a Mass Distribution Expert.  “Unattended retail” and vending machines are Chemesis (CADMF) CEO Josh Rosenberg’s specialty.  He’s literally an award-winning expert in the industry.  If anyone can bring CBD products to the masses, Rosenberg can!

  9. A Starbucks-Like Opportunity.  Chemesis (CADMF) shares currently sell for less than $0.00 – the same as Starbucks adjusted IPO price of $0.28 in 1992.  Early investors in Starbucks made up to 275 times return on their investment.  Could Chemesis be the next franchise blockbuster?   


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Greg Miller

Greg Miller dominated Wall Street for over 20 years. From an assistant to ultimately managing over $500 million in mutual funds and private investment capital, Greg knew his knowledge and experience was too important not to share. He found a passion for the legal cannabis industry.

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